Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tips: 7 Ways To Earn Money Without Having An Actual Job

Did you know you can actually earn money without even having to have a job? We have listed them all here! Check this out!

You’ve probably heard the news. In December 2014 the Ringgit was at an all-time low, the 6% GST (Goods and Service Tax) is hitting us this April 2015, and following suit the prices of movie and concert tickets will get pretty EXPENSIVE.

The start of 2015 is looking like a financial downer but if you’re like me, you’re probably tired of hearing another advice from your well meaning relatives telling you to save a few ringgit by cutting back on your favourite Starbuck lattes or mamak sessions.

Really, does saving a few ringgit really going to change your life?

1. Online Seller
This side gig is perfect for you fashionistas, hoarders, and collectors!

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