Monday, March 31, 2014

American Idol 2014 Result: Say Goodbye to Majesty Rose & Ben Briley

Majesty Rose Eliminated From 'American Idol' 13

On last night's American Idol Majesty Rose was eliminated after receiving the fewest votes from viewers at home. The Goldsboro, North Carolina native had made it into the top ten of American Idol Season Thirteen, but her rendition of “Shake It Out” by English indie rock band Florence and the Machine on this week’s performance show, didn't impress enough viewers to prevent her elimination. (Nor did she give the judges any reason to use their precious save card to override the voters' decision.) Full article


'American Idol' recap: Ben Briley is sent packing

Briley had hoped his gamble would pay off, but it did not. You knew -- and he probably knew -- that the judges were unlikely to use their sole save on him, especially after Jennifer Lopez said she believed "America was responding to what they saw" on the previous night.

But the Tennessee-based singer shed his vest and sang "Stars" in his throaty-nasally way anyway. Then, looking pale, he received the official verdict, reluctantly delivered by Keith Urban. 

"Ben, we love your voice. We've loved it since day one," Urban said. "But what we've got to see is artistic growth and we don't collectively feel we've necessarily seen that.… Unfortunately, we can't use our save for you tonight."



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