Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at 46: Actor had 70 bags of heroin, prescription drugs in home

Sources say 70 baggies of heroin, at least 50 of which were unopened, were found in the actor’s apartment — some with an 'Ace of Hearts' stamp, which police say they haven't seen in New York City since 2012. Investigators also found about 20 hypodermic needles and five prescription drugs, including one used by heroin addicts to help kick a habit.

Hoffman’s remains were autopsied on Monday to determine the cause of death, and the heroin is being analyzed to try to determine whether it came from a particular batch currently being hawked on the street. Police, however, are pretty certain they know what killed the supremely talented but drug-addicted actor.

Source: nydailynews


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