Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Best Ariel Peterpan Video Collection

The Best Ariel Peterpan Video Collection

There are countries in the world like the USA where doing something scandalous can be an advantage for a public career. Scandals may are intimate homemade videos which make it somehow to the internet. Very famous people like Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson didn’t take disadvantages out of their private – suddenly public – videos. It turned out to make them even more popular.

Yet, in countries like Indonesia scandal videos can have a bad influence on people’s futures. That’s what three very famous Indonesian celebrities have to face now. Two videos of Ariel, the singer of Peterpan circulate in the internet. In one video he’s getting very intimate with presenter Cut Tari, in the other homemade movie Ariel is getting intimate with his famous girlfriend actress, singer, presenter and model Luna Maya. more news / previous news


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