Sunday, April 6, 2014

Breaking News: #MH370 Malaysia Airlines missing flight : Updated: 1900/06Apr2014

MH370 Live Report: Malaysia to appoint an independent "Investigator-in-Charge"

DAY 29 (5 April 2014)

Summary of Press Conference led by Hishamuddin Hussein
- Malaysia will continue leading the SAR effort and will also appoint an independent ‘Investigator In Charge’ to lead an investigation team, as per ICAO provisions. 
- The investigation team comprises an airworthiness group, an operations group, and a medical and human factors group.
- The investigation team will include accredited countries. Australia has accepted the position. China, US, UK and France will be invited, along with other countries.

- 3 ministerial level committees have been formed – Next-of-kin committee headed by the Dep Minister of Foreign Affairs, Technicalities committee headed by the Dep Minister of Transport, and Asset Deployment committee headed by the Dep Minister of Defense.

- ASEAN Defense Ministers released a joint statement, declaring their solidarity over the SAR efforts for MH370 and pledging greater cooperation in disaster management.
- Bristish nuclear submarine, HMS Tireless, has been deployed in the search area.

Read the full press statement HERE.

During Q&A time:

- Hishamuddin revealed that the PM’s statement that the flight “ended” in the Indian Ocean should not be construed as “crashed without survivors” to respect the wishes of the families of MH370 passengers are clinging on to hope for a miraclulous survival.

- Hishamuddin says that no one on the passenger manifest has been cleared from investigations, and everyone is still being probed under the police’s for areas of focus

- To a question about who actually spoke the last message and why the pilots’ families were not allowed to identify the voices in the transmission, Hishamuddin replied that the audio recording was still being investigated.
Source: Yahoo News


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