Monday, March 10, 2014

Breaking News: #MH370 Malaysia Airlines missing flight : Updated: 1937/10March2014

#PrayForMH370 Live Updates: More debris spotted off Vietnam coast

BREAKING [7:04pm]: According to VN Express,  a commercial plane from out of Hong Kong has reported seeing several large pieces of debris 60km southeast of Vung Tau, a coastal city in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, The Star quotes Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar as saying one of the two passengers using stolen passports has been identified, based on CCTV footage at KLIA. Khalid confirmed the man wasn't Malaysian, but declined to elaborate further.
UPDATE [6:24pm]: Floating object spotted in ocean turns out to be cable reel and not life raft. Story here.

Also, analysis of oil slick reveals that it isn't aviation fuel from MH370, but from ship bunkering activities.

Meanwhile, further updates:
Authorities brush off Chinese group claiming to be responsible for missing plane. Full story here.

Hishamuddin denies passengers on stolen passports had Asian features. Full story here.

Pictures of passengers on stolen passports to be released soon. Full story here.
Ex-NST head laments 'lax security at KLIA, blames third world mentality. Full story here. 

UPDATE [5:50pm]: Local celebrities have joined in the outpouring of grief and sympathy for the passengers of flight MH370. Their tweets and messages here.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE [5.30pm]: Lost Malaysian passports are reported to the Immigration Department but the information is not necessarily shared with Interpol, a Foreign Affairs Ministry source says. Read it here.

UPDATE [4.40pm]: Here are key points from the just concluded press conference by Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Department of Civil Aviation director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman:

1)Authorities are trying to verify reports of a sighting of what looks like an inverted life raft in the sea. Ships being sent to investigate reports. Report here.

2) Search and rescue main continues to be the main focus. New Zealand is the latest country to join efforts, with a Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft. In the West Coast, search and rescue operations have been extended and expanded.

3) Claims of the Chinese Martyr's Brigade taking responsibility for case - Hishammuddin says all allegations will be investigated, but the primary focus is to locate aircraft. "We can relay this kind of information to agencies to investigate but we don't want it to distract ongoing operations." Report here 

4) Hishammuddin also said authorities have done a study of the whole passenger manifest. "We have the capacity to detail every single aspect of the passengers involved. Information has to be delivered to relevant authorities. When it doesn’t affect the investigation, you will be the first to know," he told media.

5) He added that pictures of the passengers on stolen passports have been released to international intelligence agencies that have access to information such as biometrics, dates of birth, fingerprints, etc.

6) Declined to answer question on whether police report in Kelantan where a low-flying plane was allegedly sighted early in the morning of March 8.

7) When asked about the issue of the stolen passports, Hishamuddin put it in perspective by stating that there are 40 million passports reported missing to Interpol.

8) Security in Malaysian airports remain the same as the government is not treating this as a security threat yet.

9) Repeated calls to not disseminate unverified information, to not distress families of passengers with false information.
UPDATE [3.04pm]: A veteran Malaysian military and commercial pilot said that with radar and transponder information alone, investigators would be able to tell if the plane blew up mid-air. Full report here.

UPDATE [2.25pm]:  A video shows how the missing aircraft may have 'disintegrated mid-air', a possible theory behind the disappearance of MH370. Watch the video here.

UPDATE [12.35pm]: Reports of an object spotted by the Vietnamese, believed to be a door of the aircraft, on Sunday were not officially verified by Vietnam officials, the Department of Civil Aviation said. No aircraft debris has been seen after 60 hours, only wood and other debris not from the plane.Story here.

UPDATE [11.50am]: Vietnamese searchers say they cannot find the rectangular object - thought to be one of the doors of MH370 - that was spotted on Sunday afternoon. Read it 

UPDATE [10.40am]: Malaysia Airlines has given initial financial assistance to all families 'over and above their basic needs', it said in a statement this morning. More families expected in KL today. The airline will provide the families travel facilities, accommodation, meals, medical and emotional support.

UPDATE [9.30am]: Authorities will investigate why immigration officers at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport had no questions about Italian and Austrian passengers with Asian facial features, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said. Full story here.

UPDATE [8:11am]: A video clip of a man dialing the number of his elder brother was shown on a Beijing Television's news bulletin. The call got connected, but no one picked up. He made the phone call three times.  Full story here.
UPDATE [7.35am]: The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) has sent samples of an oil slick found in the South China Sea, about 100 nautical miles from the Tok Bali Beach, Kelantan, to the Chemistry Department in Petaling Jaya. The result of the analysis is expected to be known tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. Full story here.

Source: YahooNews


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