Saturday, March 22, 2014

American Idol 2014 Result: Say Goodbye to MK Nobilette

Considering how badly MK Nobilette had stumbled during her performance of Pink's "Perfect" on "American Idol" this week – losing her grip on the melody and lyrics mid-song and never quite recovering – and the fact that she'd landed in the bottom three twice before, the outcome of Thursday night's results show was perfectly predictable: The voters sent her home.

For a moment there, after she'd consulted with Rickey Minor and the band, returned to her mark, and sung her final song, John Legend's "All of Me," it looked as if the judges might use their one save of the season to keep the San Francisco 20-year-old, "Idol's" first openly gay contestant, on the show. Jennifer Lopez seemed especially reluctant to let her go, gazing beseechingly at Harry Connick Jr. 

Eventually, though, Connick leaned into the mic and delivered the bad news. A save "has to be unanimous, and it is not unanimous," he said. "It breaks our heart, but we have to say goodbye to you."  Read more



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