Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bruno Mars perform ‘Lazy Song’ on ‘American Idol

Bruno Mars perform ‘Lazy Song’ on ‘American Idol

Crystal Bowersox wasn’t the only one to perform on “American Idol” Thursday night, as verified hitmaker Bruno Mars turned the “Idol” stage into a living room to perform his chilled out tune “Lazy Song.”

Complete with his trademark fedora, Bruno even brought a dog out on stage to help settle into the laid back, lounging mood.

The show also saw Bowersox perform “Ridin’ with the Radio.” Afterwards, Ryan Seacrest read the “Idol” results, and for Casey Abrams, it was all bad news. The man who has been likened to Seth Rogen and saved by the judges earlier this season saw his “American Idol” journey end last night.

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