Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Updated/ 31 Dec 2014: AirAsia Flight QZ8501 missing

Updated/ 31 Dec 2014: AirAsia Flight QZ8501 missing

Dec 31
5.45pm: First two bodies have arrived at Surabaya, where relatives are waiting. Photo: BBC

5.30pm: Singapore's MV Swift Rescue will deploy a Remotely Operated Vehicle when it reaches the south coast of Borneo tomorrow (Jan 1). The vehicle will search underwater for the aircraft's main fuselage and black box. Photo: Raj Nadarajan

5pm: Singapore sends 5th navy ship to join rescue and search operations. The RSS Kallang has the capability to conduct underwater search operations.
3.08pm: President Tony Tan Keng Yam and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong offer condolences to Indonesian counterparts.
2.23pm: Rescue divers have not been able to conduct their operations today due to bad weather, reports local media.
1.26pm: Rescue agency BASARNAS confirms there are now a total of 3 female and 4 male bodies found.
1.00pm: Another body recovered bring the total to seven bodies so far, reports local media.
12.20pm: Singapore to offer 2 more naval assets with underwater capabilities and replace corvette

11.05am: RSS Persistence arrived earlier at 9.30am, given a more defined search area, reports Channel NewsAsia.
10.29am: So far, 93 families have submitted general data for body identification. 30 families have submitted DNA samples.
9.54am: Rescue agency BASARNAS says bodies will be brought to Pangkalanbun, and then to Surabaya.
8.00am: Singapore’s RSS Valour, Swift Rescue take sector 2 while RSS Persistence, Supreme take sector 4 of rescue zone. Each measures 28 x 56 nautical miles.

(Photo: Channel NewsAsia)
6.50am: Malaysia Airline’s logo goes grey in solidarity with AirAsia.

6.45am: Day 4 of search and rescue mission begins at daybreak. Day 4 of search and rescue operation focused on four sectors measuring 28x56 nautical miles, says Malaysia’s chief of navy.
6.30am: US Navy ready to send maritime patrol plane, sonar equipment to scour seabed. US Fort Worth to be deployed from Singapore to join search for missing flight wreckage.
6.26am: The RSS Persistence, a landing ship tank, with two Super Puma helicopters on board is headed to the new search location south of Kalimantan. Its estimated arrival time is 10am on Wednesday (Dec 31).



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