Sunday, December 19, 2010

FYI: 2010 - Has Best Year Ever For Justin Bieber

When it comes to pop music, 2010 was the year of Justin Bieber. The 16-year-old singer arrived on the scene in 2009 with his first single 'One Time,' which set things in motion for the Canadian triple-threat's best year ever (well, so far). Here, we look back at 12 months of accomplishments, and the spread of Bieber Fever.

"By the middle of the year, Justin had reached mega star status. How do we know? Google launched a search engine just for the 16-year-old called Another huge marker was the unofficial online competition between Justin's 'Baby' video and Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' video. In July, Justin was beating Gaga by about 200,000 plays, but after tons of media attention, the Canadian pop star eventually surpassed the fashion-forward chart-topper 410 million plays to 319 million plays by the end of the year."

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