Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Updated/ 30 Dec 2014: AirAsia Flight QZ8501 missing

Updated/ 30 Dec 2014: AirAsia Flight QZ8501 missing

Dec 30
6.13pm: Indonesian helicopter flying at 200ft spots several more bodies, says Navy spokesman.
6.11pm: Detik reports that an AirAsia official in Surabaya was furious towards TV One crew for showing uncensored footage of the bodies. Several relatives broke into tears, and some fainted.

5.54pm: Singapore navy vessels have been redeployed to the site where debris and bodies were found, says Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen.

5.51pm: TODAY in Manggar Belitung - 6 bodies to be brough to Tanjung Pandan in Belitung for identification because river leading to Pangkalabun is too small for the navy ship carrying the bodies to enter, says Mr Basuri Tjahaja Purnama, Regent of East Belitung.

5.28pm: Indonesian media reports that more than 40 bodies have been recovered
4.15pm: Indonesia's TV One broadcasting footage of helicopters evacuating bodies of victims

4.11pm: AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes sends out his condolences.

(Twitter screengrab)

(Screengrab from Berita Satu)
Key points:
"At 1350, Indonesian C-130 spotted a 'plane-like' object underwater."
"At just past 1400, same plane spotted what looked like a body."
"At 1450 Indonesian navy ship KRI Bung Tomo, found what is thought to be an emergency door of an airplane."
"Based on the findings, BASARNAS is 95% certain that the location of the findings is indeed the location of the AirAsia aircraft."
"Depth of the sea where the debris were found is 25-30 meters."
"Results of the recovery will be brought to Surabaya for identification."
"Due to the shallow depth of water, a submersible may no longer be needed."
3.00pm: Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim puts out a Facebook post showing his concern regarding the issue.

2.07pm: Metro TV quotes air force officer: "10 bigger items and countless smaller items... not usually seen on sea surface."
1.02pm: AirAsia says it will fly families of QZ8501 passengers to search area.
1.00pm: New Zealand dispatches an air force P3 Orion to join search for the AirAsia flight.
12.30pm: The governor for Bangka Belitung archipelago Rustam Efendi visits Manggar operation base to greet rescuers.\

(Photo: Xue Jianyue/TODAY)
12.27pm: Teleconference for families and authorities linking Surabaya airport, Jakarta and Singapore begins.
11.47am: False alarm as two emergency signals received by search officials are said to not be from missing flight, reports CNA
10.02am: Officials showing the map of Day 3's search area.

(Picture: Sumisha Naidu/Channel NewsAsia)
9.59am: South Korea to send surveillance plane to aid Indonesia later today, reports Yonhap News Agency.
9.42am: Indonesia widens air search for QZ8501 from 7 areas to 13-area search zone; 4 helicopters deployed, reports Channel NewsAsia, AP.
8.55am: Fire reportedly spotted on an island in search zone. 2 small planes sent to check on them.
8.50am: China announces that it will deploy a frigate and air force jet to the search zone.
8.46am: According to news website Mirror UK, area where flight disappeared is reportedly known as the Thunderstorm factory. Reports say veteran pilots usually avoid this part of the Java Sea because of its catastrophic storms.
6.45am: Reports say US is sending a destroyer, the USS Sampson, to aid in search for missing flight.

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