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#MH17 Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashes Updated/ 22July2014/2000

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have now handed over two black boxes recovered from the crash site of the MH17 jet to Malaysian officials. All the latest details here

• Train carrying remains of 282 people arrives in Kharkiv
• Rebels hand over black boxes to Malysian authorities
• 'Truce' called by rebels in 10km around crash site
• David Cameron says tougher sanctions needed against Russia
• Watch: Wreckage offers glimpse into victims' lives


10.28 Roland Oliphant reports from Donetsk for the Telegraph on the "official" handover of the MH17 black boxes to Malaysian officials, which delayed the movement of victims' corpses from the city up to Kharkiv:
QuoteThe train carrying both the bodies of the victims and the “black box” flight recorders has arrived in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.
The departure was delayed by last-minute wrangling over the handover of the black boxes, which had originally been scheduled for 9.00pm local time last night (7.00pm UK time).
After several hours of closed-door negotiations, rebel prime minister Alexander Borodai finally emerged to hand over the flight recorders to Malaysian officials at 1.00am...
It emerged during the handover ceremony that 282 bodies and 87 body parts were on the train. That leaves 16 casualties as yet unaccounted for.
It is not clear what held up the transfer, which appears to have followed intense international diplomacy on Friday.
But the rebels appear to have gone to great lengths to make the hand over as “official” as possible, summoning the international press to the headquarters of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic to witness rebel and Malaysian officials signing protocols to confirm the transaction.
The documents are of great symbolic value to the rebels because they represent the first international agreement the unrecognised “Republic” has ever signed - making it the nearest the breakaway state has ever come to official recognition.
10.18 EU foreign ministers have arrived in Brussels for a meeting in which tougher, sector-level sanctions against Russia over MH17 are expected to be top of the agenda.
On arrival, Germany's foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called for tougher sanctions against the Kremlin.
Germany has traditionally been seen as softer on Russia than many of its EU allies due to close energy import and manufacturing export links, but Angela Merkel is believed to have run out of patience with Vladimir Putin in recent days.
10.05 Photographs have emerged appearing to show the arrival of the refrigerated train carriages containing 280 MH17 victims' bodies at Kharkiv.
The victims' corpses arrived at a train station in the Kiev-held industrial hub.
They are due to be airlifted to the Netherlands later today.

The train carrying the remains of the victims of Malaysia Airlines MH17 arrives in Kharkiv (Gleb Garanich/Reuters)
09.45 The French port of Saint-Nazaire is divided over the arrival of Russian sailors for training on the new warships Paris is controversially selling to the Kremlin, reports the New York Times.
09.20 A train carrying the remains of victims of a Malaysian plane downed over rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine arrived in the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine, Reuters reports.
Ukrainian officials say the remains will be taken to the Netherlands. Almost 300 people were killed when the Malaysian airliner went down on Thursday, most of them were Dutch.
08.48 Tributes have been laid to the victims of MH17 at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport - from which the ill-fated flight departed last Thursday. The Telegraph's Harriet Alexander reports:
 Outside Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, a huge carpet of flowers has been laid in memory of the 298 victims.
Candles flickered among the countless bunches of roses, lilies and sunflowers - a tribute all the more poignant given that the plane crashed in a field of Ukrainian sunflowers.
And as a gesture to the 80 children who lost their lives, many stuffed toys and cartoon cards were among the flowers.
A queue of people lined up silently to sign a book of condolences.
One woman, a KLM air stewardess, had tears pouring down her cheek as she signed the book, and placed her flowers on the pavement. She paused, then stood quickly and went to get her flight.

Outside Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, a huge carpet of flowers has been laid in memory of the 298 victims (HARRIET ALEXANDER/THE TELEGRAPH)
One woman, a KLM air stewardess, had tears pouring down her cheek asshe signed the book, and placed her flowers on the pavement (HARRIET ALEXANDER/THE TELEGRAPH)
08.35 American anger is growing over France's arms deal with the Kremlin, reports Peter Foster, the Telegraph's US Editor.
 The United States is continuing to pile pressure on France to suspend a $1.6bn (£1bn) defence contract with the Russian government amid calls for Europe to adopt meaningful sanctions against Moscow following the downing of Flight MH17.
As EU foreign ministers, including Philip Hammond, the foreign secretary, meet in Brussels later today to discuss toughening sanctions, the French refusal to halt the contract to supply two helicopter carriers to the Russian navy has come under particular fire.
The fact that France is still providing training to Russian service personnel was the subject of heated contacts between US and European officials last the weekend, officials said, as months of tension over the project came to a head.
"The Americans are absolutely furious about the French still training the Russians," a Western diplomatic source told The Telegraph in Washington. "The question everyone is asking is, 'at what point does Europe draw the line?'"

Source: telegraph.co.uk


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