Monday, March 24, 2014

Jackie Chan dismisses controversial photos

Jackie Chan recently dismissed controversy over photos showing his overly friendly behaviour with Chinese singer, Song Zuying.

As reported on South China Morning Post, the actor, who made an appearance at a press conference to announce his upcoming birthday concert, stated that the controversy was no more than the media's tendency to make things up out of nothing.

The said photos, which had been circulated online, was of Jackie acting friendly with the singer during an art and culture group meeting at the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) last week.

The actor was photographed putting his hand on Song's shoulder, bending over with his face close to the singer, and then nuzzling cheek to cheek with Song, who was smiling at his gesture.

The photos triggered much criticism from Netizens, who accused Jackie of flirting with the singer. Some even slammed the actor for acting inappropriately at a political conference.

"I am friendly and affectionate," said Jackie. "So I was a bit amazed that people reacted so strongly towards the photos."

"I was behind her that day. She turned her head, saw who I was and said, "Oh, it's you". I have always been this way. It's just this time around, someone took some photos and published it," said the actor, while re-enacting the gesture with the press conference host, Chun Ni.

He then looked at the host and jokingly added, "Do you want to be in the headlines?"

Source: Yahoo News


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