Friday, March 28, 2014

Breaking News: #MH370 Malaysia Airlines missing flight : Updated: 1900/28March2014

MH370 Live Report: Search refined to an area 1,680km west of Perth

DAY 21
(Highlights from the Press Conference today)

- The major news for today is that the search area has been refined an area to approximately 1,680 kilometers west of Perth, after taking into account new data and satellite sightings of possible debris.

- The area was arrived at based on calculations and analysis of plane’s possible flight path and capabilities by Boeing’s experts.
- On China’s demands for Malaysia torelease all information, and calls to set up a Chinese investigation,Hishamuddin reiterates that all data and information that Malaysia received hasbeen consistently shared with Chinese authorities.

- With time running out on theblack box battery, Malaysia reiterates its commitment to find the aircraft, and is looking into deep sea salvage in the case where the black box has not been found before its battery runs out.

The full statement HERE
There were no major breakthroughs in the search efforts today. Other news of note today:

Singapore defends Malaysia's efforts on missing plane

Chinese MH370 relatives not confident of Malaysia, demand Beijing probe

As MH370 lawsuit brews in US, Malaysian families say too soon

MH370 beacon locator battery set to run out in 10 days, as search area shifts 1,100km

Questions now over Subang ATC response when MH370 went missing

Families of some Chinese passengers on missing plane get insurance payouts

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