Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Breaking News: #MH370 Malaysia Airlines missing flight : Updated: 1930/18March2014

#PrayForMH370 Live Updates: Search area is now 2.2 mil square nautical miles

UPDATE [6.24pm]: Highlights from today's press conference:
- MAS says aircraft transponder switched off at 1.21am
- Search area is now a massive 2.2 mil square nautical miles (7.5mil sq km, about the size of Australia), all countries requested to relook radar and satellite data to narrow search area.
- Minister Hishamuddin Hussein confirmed that primary radar data from other countries shared but did not mention which countries.
- Malaysian military radar to be upgraded later because "interest of the passengers and plane has been placed above national security".
- MAS says it has given sufficient information and care to all the family members in Beijing and will look into any threat of a ‘hunger strike’ among them immediately.
- Hishammuddin rejected claims that Malaysia was a ‘den for terrorists’, calling them baseless allegations.
- Foreign Minister Anifah Aman says there is no need to contact Iran, as thorough investigation (on the two Iranian passengers) has already been conducted by Malaysia.
- On whether Anwar Ibrahim will be called in for investigations (over links between him and the pilot), Hishamuddin said ‘we did not bring this up’ and names the UK’s Daily Mail and CNN for bringing up the issue of politics. ‘This issue is above politics,” he said.
There was also a bizarre question from a foreign reporter asking Hishammuddin to confirm if he was PM Najib Razak's cousin and if he was protected. This was his answer: "I can confirm here that I am Najib’s cousin and I don’t know what i’m supposed to be protected from!".
UPDATE [2.22pm]: Australia has sharply reduced its search for the missing jetliner as strong currents and high seas make the task more daunting. Read it here.
UPDATE [11:11am]: Police investigations into the pilot and co-pilot of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have not turned up any red flags in their backgrounds, according to the The Wall Street Journal. Full story here.

Source: Yahoo News


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