Sunday, February 9, 2014

Selena Gomez 'Left Rehab Early To Attend Sundance Film Festival' ?

Selena Gomez recently completed a two week stint in rehab, but despite reports suggesting that the brunette "left the clinic early" to attend Sundance Film Festival, insiders have now told EntertainmentWise that this is NOT true.

Selena Gomez

TMZ had previously claimed that the 21-year-old joined a six-week programme on January 5, but she left after just two weeks because she wanted to promote her new movie Rudderless at Sundance.
However, a source has now told us that the Come And Get It babe knew exactly how long she was going to be in rehab for, before she started the treatment.

"She knew how long the program was. You can leave anytime you want. There was always plans to go to Sundance even when she went in," the insider said.

"It wasn’t like she 'left' early. Those dates for sundance were always in the books. When she finished sundance, she felt she was ready to go back to LA. It was no big deal. Again, she didn’t go in for 'substance' abuse, so she felt she took some time she needed away from LA and was ready to go back to LA after sundance." read more



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