Saturday, July 16, 2011

Justin Bieber Launches A Women’s Fragrance

Justin Bieber Launches A Women’s Fragrance

Justin Bieber is always looking out for his favorite female fans! He’s made a fruity fragrance just for them called “Someday.” We already saw his nail polish line and scented dog tags, but a women’s fragrance shows us who he’s really thinking about!

The bottle has removable charms hanging at the neck and a heart-shaped flower on top, designed by Lance McGregor. Honorie Blanc of Firmenich formulated it as a “fruity gourmand” formula, perfect for his adoring teenage girls!

Justin put a lot of thought into this project. He says, “They really let me take the lead on the entire project, because I know my fans better than anyone — from working with the team on the development of the fragrance itself to helping to design the bottle and its packaging.”

The fragrance will range from $35-$55 and will be shipped out in June!



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