Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami 2011 : Lets Pray for Japan

Tsunami 2011 : Lets Pray for Japan

Renowned Geophysicist Explains Tsunami:

There's no way to describe the shock and awe following natural disasters like today's earthquake. Professor of geophysics and director of Weston Observatory of Boston College explained what caused the Japanese quake and the subsequent tsunami. “We had an earthquake caused by the Pacific Ocean plate sliding under the Asian plate and as it slides under the Asian plate is pushed up...any time you move the ocean floor up or down you induce a tsunami in the ocean. “Tsunamis travel fast when the ocean is deep they travel slowly when the ocean is shallow. When the ocean is deep, the wave spreads out so you have maybe a foot high wave that's spread out hundreds of miles and it's traveling at literally 500 miles an hour.”

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Lets all of us pray for Japan. Join us !


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