Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anu Dalam Botol Di Pawagam Sekarang

Movie: Anu Dalam Botol Di Pawagam Sekarang

Ruby (or his real name, Rubidin) and Ghaus are a loving couple and because of his love towards Ghaus, Rubidin is willing to change his identity to become a 'real woman'. It is not just a little sacrifice as his identity is changed along with the sex change operation. However, the calculation made by Ruby turns out wrong as Ghaus could not take the appearance of a woman and eventually leaves Rudy. The male hormones in Ruby unexpectedly start to shine and he returns to be his original male persona which is Rubidin. Rubidin then falls in love with a kind-hearted girl and both got married. But what is the price for a marriage with a husband that no longer has his manhood?

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Komen Pengarah Filem ini, Raja Azmi :

Sementara itu penerbit filem berkenaan Raja Azmi berkata, niatnya menerbitkan filem itu adalah untuk berdakwah kerana …Dalam Botol memberi mesej yang baik kepada penonton berdasarkan kepada kisah benar seseorang yang diadaptasikan dalam bentuk filem.

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