Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Album : Bunkface - Lesson of the Season

Bunkface are Sam (vocals, guitar), Youk (bass, vocals), Paan (guitar, vocals) and Biak (drums). Formed in 2005, the guys recently released an EP titled Lesson Of The Season, a six-track mini album filled with pop punk goodness.

Grand plans for young boys. After three years of being together, Bunkface have grown up and so have their musical influences–their fave bands now include Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco. However, they insist that they prefer listening to Malaysian bands, and list One Buck Short, Meet Uncle Hussain, Pop Shuvit, Hujan and Bittersweet as their top picks.

Track Listing :

01 - Tired Mission
02 - Silly Lily
03 - Highschool Rocker
04 - Fine
05 - Land of Hope
06 - Last Minute
07 - Our Way
08 - Bunk Anthem
09 - Sitiasi
10 - Hipper Killer

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