Thursday, December 23, 2010

Promo: Apply Citibank Credit Card Now !

Reward your success with Citibank Credit Cards.

Enjoy exclusive rewards when you shop at major supermarkets / hypermarkets and department stores.

Credit cards, loans and other types of credit make managing your money easier, and can be especially useful during emergencies. Credit makes it easier to pay for large expenses such as appliance and furniture purchases, while a mortgage makes purchasing real estate more affordable. Credit cards are the form of credit most people will apply for and use during their lifetime. It is a financial tool you can use to your advantage, if managed responsibly.

For now, have promotions until : 31st March 2011

What you get for current promotions:

*Subject to 3 card swipes within 60 days of card approval.
**Subject to at least 1 retail transaction on new credit card within 60 days after card approval.

How to choose which card ?

Citibank cards selector


Read yourself

How to apply?

Email your particular details (Name & handphone number) to my email address:


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