Thursday, November 25, 2010

Daphne Iking : Malaysia's very own TV personality

Malaysia's very own TV personality Daphne Iking was embroiled in a high-drama love triangle, resulting in :

1) a lawsuit

2) a messy high-profile divorce and
3) a couple of bruised egos.

Daphne and Ryan got married in January 2007. In late 2009 rumours broke that Darren Choy, the managing director of Adidas, had 'enticed' the 30-year-old Daphne, resulting in Ryan dragging Darren to court "under Section 498 of the Penal Code for enticing or taking away or detaining with a criminal intent a married woman." Deep stuff, we know.

The couple is now separated, and Daphne's moving on.

Tell us about your life, especially now after your marriage to businessman Ryan Chong and having a daughter, Isobel Daniella Iking-Chong. Has life changed for you? Well, I won't say that my life is perfect right now. There are ups and downs. I know that I've grown because now, it's not just about me anymore, and I'm also dealing with being a parent. Isobel came into our life unexpectedly. Shewas supposed to come two years in our plan, so when I found out four months after our marriage that I was pregnant, I was not prepared.

And naturally, it took me a while to get my parenting instincts going.
I have a few other issues to deal with like having inlaws, the difference in culture because my husband is pure Chinese, conservative and with a Christian background while I'm a Catholic girl with a Kadazan background and with a different culture and belief system altogether. So I have some adjustment issues. I love my in-laws. Adapting to the situation is very challenging. Other than that, after pregnancy, I had issues where my body was concerned.

In the line that I'm in, looks are important. Although I don't want to be like those stick thin models, when you're in a room full of them, you can't help but feel a little bit threatened especially when I know that I used to be that small. So when you look at yourself, you start to compare; all girls do that. But as far as I am concerned, I'm trying to stay positive and try to do something about it. So I guess, that's how my life has changed. more

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